Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina


but not all are the same.

NUTREX HAWAIIAN Spirulina Pacifica is about the highest quality spirulina you can obtain. 

Spirulina has densely concentrated levels of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and protein. The way that it is grown also has a huge impact on its nutritional value.



Grown using mineral rich seawater sourced from 2000 ft below the surface of the Pacific, it is a far purer and more nourishing source than the river or irrigation water used to produce all other spirulina products.

NUTREX uses a patented proprietary drying process that preserves the nutritional content, and then packs the product in glass packageing with oxygen absorbers to keep fresh.

Spirulina Pacifica delivers:
Antioxidant Vegetable Nutrition.
Nature’s richest source of carotenoids.
B-Complex Vitamins Supplies Thiamin, Riboflavin and vitamin B-12.
Iron - A daily dose provides more iron than two cups of spinach.
Organic Protein - Richest source in the plant world - three times that of beef.
GLA - Building block for nature’s anti-inflammatory.

Spirulina is a must for dieters, athletes, convalescents and the elderly. Just 3 tablets a day will help supply the nutrients lacking in most of our diets.

Great Value - 180 Tabs @ 1000 mg ea


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Hawaiian Spirulina
Spirulina is a popular Superfood  But they're not all the same. NUTREX HAWAII Spirulina Pacifica is about the highest quality spirulina you can obtain short of cultivating it yourself.
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Take 6 tablets daily.
Refrigerate after opening.
Take this all natural whole food with or between meals.
Source of health-promotion antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

 Pesticide Free - Herbicide Free - Kosher

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