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Ancient Minerals Bath Flakes

Dry Magmesium Bath Flakes:

Dry flakes of magnesium chloride  and other naturally occurring trace minerals combine, in a convenient and economical form for baths and foot baths.

When added to hot water Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes dissolve and provide a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating bath of magnesium chloride. 

Magnesium baths can help remove toxins from the body. Soaking in a magnesium chloride bath can also help relieve painful,  inflamed muscles & joints.

The baths help increase circulation and a 47% pure Ancient Minerals magnesium chloride foot soak. can help ease away those pains, de-stress and deeply relax the body's muscular system. You'll love it. There is no finer quality in the world than Ancient Minerals

Container Size 2.9kg

Treat Youself To A Refreshing Magnesium Bath!


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  • Ideal for sensitive skin & children
  • Relax aching muscles and joints
  • Calming and relaxing effect on the body and mind
  • Skin and cosmetic benefits
  • Helps remove toxins
  • Restores cellular magnesium levels
  • Encourages healthy skin tissue

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Our New Relaxation CD
60 Minutes Of Calming Music

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Our New Relaxation CD

60 Minutes Of Calming Music
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